8 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Call When They Like You

why guys don't call when they like you

So, you’ve had a great date or meet in an event and had an interesting discussion with a guy that seems interesting, fun and perfect enough for your type of man.

You then exchange contact, hoping that his vibe won’t stop there but continues since he has promised to call you.

But you wait forever without seeing his contact buzzing on your phone.

I understand that you are waiting with nervous excitement and loaded with many unanswered questions that beg for answers at the moment.

So, why is he not calling despite all the indications that he is interested in you already?

Why guys don’t call when they like you

The reason is that he is not yet interested in you as much as you think he is. He admires the time you had together honestly but does not yet feel connected with you as you are to him.

Not that you are not good enough, he is not into you yet.

Well, you might have been thinking he is busy all this while. Your guess may be accurate, but not enough reasons.

Sparing some minutes to call someone he has a great interest in isn’t too much, I guess.

Why Do Guys Say They Will Call And Don’t

There are many reasons a guy may not put a call through you despite his promise, which can confuse you as to why he hasn’t.

However, you haven’t known much about him since you meet him casually once or twice.

How he sounds the day you met, his looks or his type of jobs aren’t enough reason to drive your conclusion yet.

Here are the main reasons that can be responsible for why he is not calling.

1. He is not interested in you

Yes, after your date, he is not just feeling excited to push further and make anything out of the date.

You are spending the whole night in deep thought, contemplating why he isn’t into you, with so many questions running through your mind.

Questions like, are you not beautiful enough? Did you say anything that contrasts his supposed ideology? And the questions keep coming endlessly.

Any of these may be right but be aware that it doesn’t matter, and people’s real motivations vary in different directions.

It is normal to lost interest without any just cause. Maybe he is moody at the moment and doesn’t want any conversational and intimate interest in women at the moment.

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2. He has picked interest in another woman

This thought is drifting to your mind, but you probably avoid thinking in this direction, which may be a sad reality.

He might have probably seen another girl that drifted his attention within days or weeks you guys met.

Maybe the lady portrays the quality you are lacking or matches up with his taste better than you.

If he is a guy that has a date with random girls, it is not surprising if you are just merely a victim of random approach since he is yet to meet his perfect type of woman for dating.

3. He lost your number

This may sound like making up an excuse for him, but we can’t be too sure. He may probably forget to save your contact after the exchange, and your number got wiped off mistakenly, or his phone got lost.

Maybe he is right now blaming himself for being so negligent in having lost your number. He may be hoping you could at least call him for once so you can get connected again.

4. Your priorities are not the same

It is no gainsaying our priorities in life may defer, and that’s cool.

A guy may initiate a conversation with you only because he is interested in a sexual partner without making anything more out of the relationship.

He won’t call again if he realizes you will be hard for him to convince, or you will get much of his effort before seducing you to bed.

Maybe he has moved to find someone much more willing to put out with his sexual interest.

Besides, priorities stem from the perceptions of life. He realizes his priorities and perception toward life are not in tandem with yours.

He foresees you may be problematic to the kind of life he chooses to live in the future. Maybe you are a woman with so many attractions to luxury while he is the opposite.

Perhaps he considers you to be a fanatic of an ideology that doesn’t sit well with him. He may decide to cut out conversation with you by choosing not to call you anymore.

5. He is shy

Not really that he is a coward to hold a conversation with you, at least you’ve probably met once, talk and exchange contact.

He probably has an underlining expression, and he is trying to devise the best means to relate with you.

Maybe he has this thought deep down in his heart he is scared of talking to you yet. And until he gets the courage to voice out, he may not be so augmented in his every other conversation with you.

As little and probably silly as this may sound, maybe that’s the core reason preventing him from dialing your number.

6. He fears you are not interested in him

A guy will not call even if he promised to when he read through your face the first time you met and realizes you were not showing enough interest in him.

Even though he may be wrong, maybe that’s your own best way of relating with people.

But he can’t help it; he feels he won’t be accepted and doesn’t want an outright rejection which can be more painful. So, he has forgotten and decide to move on!

7. There is no connection between you both

Imagine after a perfect night date where you think you both enjoy the moment. In contrast, it is the opposite for him due to a lack of romantic connection with you.

He may decide to hide his displeasure and request your number so that you won’t feel sad that the conversation ends right there.

He doesn’t want you to be sad and depressed, and that’s why he has to fake it all. He doesn’t want you to feel hurt by the lack of romantic connection he might have noticed.

8. You were disrespectful

Try to narrow down your thinking to your first contact with him. Were you rude? Did you make a rude comment about his wear, taste bud or laughed off over a bad experience of him he narrated to you?

A guy may decide to cut you off because of an experience you consider too little to be counted as being disrespectful.

Some little things a woman does can be a red flag for them. It can be disrespectful when you are not concentrating while he is talking.

In conclusion

What should you do to get over the worry of why he isn’t calling?

Well, there is no perfect remedy as there is a different solution to each of the reasons.

But we advise you to do one thing, make better of yourself. A guy will do anything to get in touch with a decent lady, have a good sense of humor, don’t be too demanding on the first date, be respectful, and have your view as a lady.

Also, if you are not sure of the probable cause, you can at least try calling him or text to check on him.

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