How To Make Your Ex Want You Back So Badly.

make your ex want you back

Breakups can drain your strength, both physical and emotional.

Many people cling unto the memories of their past love life. Which keeps tormenting them, and lead them in the decision of craving for their ex back so badly.

When trying to make your ex want you back, you have to ask yourself. ”Do you still have a chance in getting back together with your ex” Now take this quiz to find out.

I have had my share of breakups in the past, and sometimes it feels like been apart is the best decision for both of us. With such thought, I get to move on quicker than expected.

Sometimes, I have this driving force that keeps pitching my sense of reasoning, which makes me crave my ex more, with the burning desire of getting my ex back. I have had success in achieving my heart desire of getting back with my ex.

Now, I want you to achieve success as I did with the same technique in getting your ex back, without losing yourself in the process.

Make your ex want you back so badly is a hard nut to crack. The main job is to try and get their attention to your side.

You don’t want to blow this up or try to send the wrong message to your ex, which can make them detest you. I know you have such a desire in you. A lot of people have a series of reasons why they want their ex back so badly.

I got a mail from my buddy Michael who just broke up with his girlfriend. Michael keeps on muttering words to me that I cant understand. But all I noticed was that he was obsessed with his ex and can’t do without her.

I mean, she was his high school sweetheart some years ago. He just can’t let go of the burning desire and flashbacks of their love life. Michael’s words are, ”I want her back so badly and it looks like she has already moved on, why so sudden? Does it mean she never loved me.”

Michael has this mindset that the breakup was not in his favour. He is willing to do anything to make her desire him and rekindling their love life back again.

If you are like my buddy Mike, I understand your plight, and you are not alone on this.

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Now watch out for how to make your ex want you back so badly.

1. Try and focus on why they left.

Every breakup has a reason why it happened. The breakup happens because you both have lost faith in each other than a decision to part away. Before fixing a problem, you need to find out what went wrong before the breakup. Why did he or she want out?

You may not get the exact reason why the breakup happens. But try and be a good version of yourself and make amends. As you keep your hopes high, you need to clear your cupboard of any cobwebs that resort to the breakup, to avoid future reoccurrence.

2. Don’t be desperate

Now, I know your instinct may be on a fast lane to dish out countless apologies. Or attract sympathy to yourself by begging your ex. Which you think may increase your chances of reuniting with your ex. But don’t do it

Been desperate does not show a good version of yourself. Your ex can capitalise on your weak moments, which won’t be in your favour. Getting back with your ex may take a long time, but don’t appear desperate while on the verge of getting back.

3. Don’t chase them

Now these tactic works like magic. After a breakup, your ex has the mindset of been pursued by you, either through excessive phone calls or messages. As much as you want to do this, don’t.

Your ex wants to be chased or stalked after a breakup. But when you do the opposite, they feel disappointed and wonder what went wrong. Try and be relaxed and don’t act too clingy this time. Distance yourself for a while and engage yourself in outdoor activities.

When you do this for sometimes, your ex will miss your presence in their life and will love to reconnect with you.

4. Do something different and always appears busy. 

We, humans tend to have this misconception about a breakup. We feel the other partner is always grieving over the breakup, but never allow your ex to think that.

Make them feel you got your whole life in check, go out with friends, and have fun. Pick a new hobby, hit the gym, get that sexy body you always wanted.

Do things differently, things you never engaged in when you are still dating your ex.

Make yourself more admirable, and trust me, all these works in turning your ex attention clockwise towards you. Which always feels enticing to them.

5. Be productive

Its time to let go of the past, all the shenanigans that took place in your past relationship is in the past now, don’t sit around keeping tabs on your phone to know when your ex will call.

That may not happen for now.

Travel to another state if you have to and make yourself less available. Don’t always be at their beck and call.

Its time to move on. Get engaged 100% with a new business. Your job, get that degree you always wanted. Have more interest in other companies you have been admiring for a long time, be productive.

People tend to admire productivity, which isn’t a bad thing; the same applies to your ex.

When they don’t have a close connection with you anymore, they tend to draw closer to have a feel of your productivity.

Been productive should not be used as a revenge mechanism on your ex; instead, it’s a tool that keeps them on a tight leash. Have a clear mindset about the future and strive to be more productive for future endeavours

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