Once A Guy Loses Interest Can You Get It Back. Find Out

once a guy loses interest can you get it back

It is dramatically devastating seeing a guy that has once make you happy and was over you losing interest in you and distancing himself from you. It is more traumatic if somebody you’ve fallen in love with and hopes to work down the aisle.

Honestly, we can’t blame the guy for dropping out of love. It is natural for humans to have waves of feeling, but the waves of perpetual rise and fall in love need to be triggered by unpleasant circumstances either from you or him.

once a guy loses interest can you get it back

You can change his narratives and make him feel the pleasure he had when you two first met. There are two primary reasons a guy can decide to lose interest in you out of the blue. Either he is down and confuse about something personal or towards you, or realizes all the attraction he got for you is a facade.

Studying what attracts and makes him interested in you in the first place is the building block to understand why he falls out.

All hope is not lost. You can get him interested in you again, so much that the thought of him leaving or losing interest won’t have any reason to cross his mind.

Note that you will need to be patient when trying to make a guy fall back in love with you again because the wait to have him back could be longer than expected.

It takes a bit of focus, seriousness, and determination to have a love of your life getting back to the old days of Romeo and Juliet.

how do you get a guy interested in you again

1. Don’t rush to get him back

You are expected to be curious and want to know the cause of the sudden change in his attitude, and you would like to bombard him with many questions.

We are all humans with emotions. Maybe he is at the time emotionally, mentally, and physically unstable. Trying to pressure him may worsen the situation.

If you are too eager to know what is wrong, that may signify an act of desperation on your side, and he may, in turn, take advantage of your desperate situation and makes you be at his mercy.

By giving him space, it will occur to him that you’re not clingy to him, and you have your life to live without him.

He will most surely feel your absence because all he has then are thoughts of his own and his feeling.

But giving him space is advised only when you study the situation and see no reason to open a conversation with him.

In a case where you are at fault and cause of him losing interest in the relationship, the best is to make a proper apology and ask for genuine forgiveness.

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2. Converse with him

It has been weeks after you have been longing for him to get back, but you waited to no avail. At this time, you need to walk up to him and have a heart-to-heart and honest conversation that is devoid of emotions.

Discussing with him determines your chance. He may be getting disturbed by issues that have nothing to do with you at all. It may either be his work or family that is giving him a hard time.

Having a genuine discussion with him and helping to get him back to his true self will make him have more confidence and respect for you if it is a personal issue.

3. Have a life outside his confine

Being too obsessed with your guy without relating with others around will cost you a lot if he ever decides to leave.

The sweetness of a relationship is when you both miss each other and cant wait to set eyes on each other soon.

Move out and do stuff with friends and associates, meet new people and he is much likely to come back because you are now living your own life.

If you see him behaving differently from the norms, try to mirror your social life and make corrections where necessary.

4. Be ambitious and set goals you intend to achieve

He probably loses interest because he is disappointed in the way you think, your perspective, your morality, or your goals in life.

Work on socially acceptable norms of life. Set dreams and consistently focus on achieving those dreams.

Also, work on your self-esteem. Your esteem may probably be getting low since you feel your man’s absence in your life.

Feeling neglected won’t do you any good but hurt your self-esteem. It would be best and less distressful if you had the confidence to scale through the disappointing phase.

He will mostly come back if he sees that his exit doesn’t negatively change your lifestyle.

5. Be more engaged with social media

Guys are moved by what they see. They fall in love with the pretty face before accessing your attitudes and moral basis. Flaunt the social media you are both mutual on with thirst trap pictures.

Update new achievements in your life and how well you have been coping without him.

Follow social media trends and make sure you make cogent and intelligent contributions to any rising topics. By this, he will feel he is missing you, and the fear of losing you will make him run back to you.

6. Think about your Lovey-dovey days

You must have had days you feel lucky to have met him because he was the type of man you ever wish to have. You’ve been each other joy and satisfaction.

Reminisce on those days and try to deduce what causes changes in the situation.

Suppose the cause of his sudden loss of interest is your inability to perform optimally to his expectation because you are getting hurt from trying to satisfy him.

For instance, maybe the sexual pleasure he is deriving from you, unlike before, has reduced, or you are now keeping friends he warns you against, or you have been ruthless and unapologetically blunt in the way you address him recently.

All those have not been happening from the start of the relationship. The best is to try hard to get back to the convenient old days.

Suppose it is a burden on you to get back to what satisfies him. The best is to have a fruitful deliberation about it and determine whether you both can aggregate and have a mutual understanding of the new situation.

Conclusively, remember there are no strict manuals to what makes a good relationship, and it’s naturally designed for every relationship to pass through difficult situations.

With the above-listed points, you should better understand the best approach to get him back to the relationship if truly you’ve both been having a genuine relationship before things turn to soar.

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